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from texas for five minutes. >> thank you mr. chairman. i want to say that i concur with the comments he made about the effect of the drought in texas. all the friends i have that engage in the farm land in south texas have lost their crops because of the lack of rain and it literally looks like a desert. i was their last weekend. first of all, doctor, i would like to compliment your way. the lower colorado river authority in texas that you are familiar with has told me that they very much appreciate your willingness to assimilate information to them come to the landowners, to the farmers and policy makers as well, and they appreciate that a good communication. i would like to direct my questions to the other panelists. i explain to do to defend the president's budget i'm not going to ask a budget question but i would like to ask the other panelists if they feel that in the current budget proposal neither has received a high eminem f priority or should have been greater sense of urgency and greater priority given, and mayor ballard we will start with you. >> that's a great question. i
for the time. >> thank you very much. at this te, recognize the gentleman from texas for five minutes. >> i thank the chairman for the recognition. mrfrantz, staying on the i'uru' pic w ec ye one of the original hires in that loan project office in 2007 to administer this program in 1703,s clause under subordine boar nation reads thebligation subjectthononat e ga i n si straightforward statement, even a non-lawyer like myself is understand it. the difficulty that -- i think mr. green is exactly right i the line of questioning that is correct, bheifltyhe t esot n ese any penalties, civil or criminal for violation of this. while i believe the secretary to have been in technical violation of this passage of the energy policy agent of 205, ther i ptyo f ttas anr bill, 5863 to prescribe civil monetary penalty between $10,000 and $15,000 for people who violated the statute. the bill is based onhe deenctvi ldmtre ltfoanfis who violate appropriations bills and has over a century of precedent. i believe this may be a better way to get at this problem. now, you reference -- well, actually secretary c
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2